January-February 2022 Newsletter

- 12/30/2021

Post Commander

  Greetings Comrades!  I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Well, 2021 is in the books.  It was better than 2020 but not as great as it might have been.  But 2022 is going to be great.  It’s going to be great because we are all going to pull together, as we always do, to make it great.  But first, let’s look back at the year just gone.

   Our Post was once again one of the leading Posts in the State of Michigan.  We made All-State for the 4th year in a row.  At the State Convention we were given several awards.  Most notably our own Adrianne Boman was chosen to receive the Department of Michigan Community Service Award.  This is the third year in a row that a Comrade from Post 2144 has won the award. The first was Garrett Dickey and the second was Jenna Schaub, both still active in our Post and in our community.

    Our Club had a great year.  In fact, the Club did better this past year than it ever has before. The credit for that goes to all our great volunteers and to Vern Blauwkamp for getting the club going in the right direction.  We have become known in Holland as a great place to eat and socialize.

   Now for 2022.  We have made some changes to the House Committee that I believe will work well for us.  Jenna Schaub was elected to fill the vacant spot left by Vern’s resignation.  The committee then elected Ed "Gunny” Lopez as the new Chairman of the committee.  The current members of the House Committee going into the new year are myself, Quartermaster Robin Bailey, Hondo Robinson, Jenna Schaub and of course, Ed Lopez.  We meet the Second Thursday of every month at 6pm. The House Committee meeting is open to anyone who wishes to attend.

   By the way, Ed does not have an article in this issue of the newsletter because yours truly forgot to tell him he needed to write one. He will be writing one for the next issue.

   The key to the great year we had last year was our volunteers and the key to another great year in 2022 will again be our volunteers. We can always use more help.  If you would like to help out---whether it’s in the kitchen, or helping with maintenance, or Bingo, or whatever, let us know.  It’s very satisfying to help your Post but it’s also a lot of fun.  The volunteers are a great bunch of people.

   Let’s continue to work together and have a great time doing it.  Stay healthy and safe.  See you in the Post soon!

Michael Martin

Post Commander


Auxiliary President

Greetings Auxiliary!

   I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and I wish everyone a joyous New Year.  This year has surely gone by too fast.  Hoping everyone is in good health.

   Annual members who have not yet done so, please come and pay your dues.  We have done so great the last few years in membership, and I am looking forward to another great membership year at over 100%.

   Thank you, Laura Kinne, for filling in for me as we are starting to travel more.

   The Bingo Workers are always looking for additional workers to give some of the crew a break once in a while.  Bingo is the largest fundraiser for the Auxiliary that helps our Post tremendously.  Only 4 hours once a week or once a month.  Help is always appreciated.  Come in on Monday or Wednesday night and check it out.

   Thank you to everyone who donated clothing to the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans.  If you haven’t driven by the new home, you should check it out.  A very beautiful facility.  Everything is much appreciated.

   Stay safe and healthy in the coming year.  God Bless.

Lisa Blauwkamp

Auxiliary President


Veterans and Family Support 

  Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to the family of Karen Gaitan whose husband Jimmy passed away the first of the month.  Also, to his Daughter Marlene Gaitan and family.

    Also, the family of Jill DeWild who passed away this past week.  Please keep these families in your thoughts and prayers.


  It’s not too late to get your dues in.  If you need help let Nancy or me know.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  As ever,

Ellen Robinson                                                                                     

Dad’s Post 132

  Next meeting is Saturday January 8, 2022, at 10am. We have to make plans for our Dad’s State meeting at our Post on April 13th at 1pm.

   Our sympathy goes out to the family of Jimmy Gaitan who passed away November 27, 2021.

Dad’s President

Hondo Robinson                                                                                 

Meeting Reminders

   Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 73 meets the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7pm.  All Vietnam Veterans are welcome.

   Vet to Vet support group meets every Wednesday from 630 to 730pm.  Veterans of every era are welcome to attend.

   Marine Corps League meets the Third Saturday of each month at 10am.  Everyone is welcomed to attend.                                

Officers and Contact Info

Post: (616)392-2144

Commander:   Mike Martin (616)594-9151

Senior Vice:   Garrett Dickey (937)570-8254

Junior Vice:   Adam Cameron (309)212-1148

Quartermaster:  Robin Bailey (616)994-2239

Chaplain:   Ken Vanderwall (616)212-7570

Auxiliary President:  Lisa Blauwkamp (269)206-1810

Auxiliary Treasurer:  Nancy Vredeveld (616)422-1403

Honor Guard:  Bob Van Dyke (269)751-8858

January 2022 








Watch Facebook and Flyers for Details

Prices Subject to Change






1—New Year’s Brunch 11am


2—Breakfast 8-11am

3—Euchre 1230

Bingo 6pm

4—Soup Night

5—75¢ Wings

Bingo 6pm


Mexican Night

7—Fish Dinner or Smothered Pork Chops




10—Euchre 1230

Bingo 6pm


11—Soup Night

12-- 75¢ Wings

Bingo 6pm


13-Burger/Mexican Night—Post and Auxiliary Meeting

14— Fish Dinner or Fajita Dinner




17— Euchre 1230

Bingo 6pm


18—Soup Night

19-- 75¢ Wings

Service Officer 8am-4pm/Bingo 6pm


Mexican Night

21— Fish Dinner or Ham & Scalloped Potatoes

22—Tejano Sound





24/31— Euchre 1230

Bingo 6pm

25—Soup Night

26--75¢ Wings

Bingo 6pm



Mexican Night

28—Fish Dinner or Baked Chicken Dinner





February 2022








Watch Facebook and Flyers for Dinner Details

Prices Subject to Change

1—Soup Night

2--75¢ Wings

Bingo 6pm


Mexican Night

4— Fish Dinner or Wet Burrito


6—Breakfast 8--11am

7— Euchre 1230

Bingo 6pm

8—Soup Night

9—75¢ Wings

Bingo 6pm

10- Burger/Mexican Night—Post and Auxiliary Meeting


11— Fish Dinner or Rib Dinner




14— Euchre 1230

Bingo 6pm


15—Soup Night

16--75¢ Wings

Bingo 6pm


Mexican Night

18—Fish Dinner or Chicken Pot Pie



21— Euchre 1230

Bingo 6pm


22—Soup Night

23--75¢ Wings

Bingo 6pm


Mexican Night


25—Fish Dinner or

Pot Roast

26—Chili Cook-Off

Watch for Details



28—Euchre 1230

Bingo 6pm

29—Soup Night

30--75¢ Wings

Service Officer 8am-4pm/Bingo 6pm


Mexican Night