Jan - Feb 2021 Newsletter

- 12/29/2020

Post Commander

   Happy New Year everyone!  We have come through a tough year but we came out stronger on the other end.  Working together we are going to make 2021 one of the best years ever.

   As our Post Quartermaster has said, "we are closed but we are still here”. We continue to make a positive impact on our Post and Auxiliary members but also on our Community.  We were able to hand our several holiday food baskets to deserving families.  I want to thank Robin Bailey and Ken Vanderwall for heading up that program. Thank you also to the Vietnam Veterans of America and the Marine Corps League for their support of the effort.

   We weren’t able to have our Children’s Christmas Party, but we were able to distribute 108 brightly wrapped toys to children.  Thank you to Vern and Lisa for organizing the wrapping party, and to the volunteers who wrapped them.  The call was put out for volunteers and the call was answered. Way to go 2144 and Auxiliary.

  We also had a Drive-Thru Santa day on December 13th.  Parents could drive through and let their children safely talk to Santa.  Santa was given several letters and he even was gifted some milk and cookies.  One parent thanked us because his children wanted to see Santa so badly and there was none to be found until we had our event. Thank you, Lawrence Diamond, Auxiliary Chaplain, for making those children’s dreams come true.  I hope you enjoyed the milk and cookies.

   Thank you to Maria Cantu, Vickie Weatherwax, Adrianne Boman, and all the other volunteers who have been turning out the delicious meals for our Friday night carryout’s that have been our sole source of income during this shutdown.

   We are hoping that when this current shutdown order expires on January 15th that we will be allowed to reopen.  We have taken all precautions for your safety and health. We have cleaned the building and had it professionally disinfected.  When we open, we will be observing all social distancing and masking protocols.

   I am so proud of this Post and Auxiliary for the way we have taken care of each other this past year.  It is that bond that means that not only will Post 2144 survive, but we will also thrive.

Michael Martin

Post Commander


Auxiliary President

   Greetings Auxiliary Members.  Happy New Year!  Hoping this finds everyone safe and healthy.  I hope everyone had a great holiday season, considering the shutdown order from the Governor.  Bingo has been cancelled until further notice.  Check out the Post sign or our Facebook page for updates.  We will continue to have meetings by observing social distancing and wearing masks.

   In our Scholarship Programs (Voice of Democracy and Patriots Pen) we had four entries for VOD but none for PP.  Congratulations to the first-place winner from the Holland area who also took first place for District 8. 

    Our third and fourth programs are Continuing Education and Young American Creative Patriotic Art contests.  I am the Scholarship Chairman so for more information email or call me.  We also have information on our website or you can go to www.vfwaux.org for forms and applications.

   Thank you everyone for all you do and for your support.  Thank you and God Bless.

Elisa Blauwkamp


Veterans and Family Support 

  Happy New Year!  Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to the families of Julia Waldering, Shirley Zych, Lyda Numikaski and Flo Behrendt who have passed away.  Please keep their families in your thoughts and prayers.  Never forget our troops in harm’s way.  Keep them in your hearts and prayers.


  If you have not yet paid your dues yet, please do so as soon as possible.  Happy New Year! 2021 will be a better.

Ellen Robinson                                                                                       

Dad’s Post 132

   Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.  We’ll plan on a Dad’s meeting in April of 2021.  It will come out in the next newsletter. –Hondo Robinson                                                         

Meeting Reminders

   Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 73 meets the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7pm.  All Vietnam Veterans are welcome.

   Vet to Vet support group meets every Wednesday from 630 to 730pm.  Veterans of every era are welcome to attend.

   Marine Corps League meets the Third Saturday of each month at 10am.  Everyone is welcomed to attend.                                 

House Committee

   Happy New Year!  Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

   What a time for us all.  The Post has been closed just about 5 months this year.  We have not been able to have hall rentals, wrestling, or any other live entertainment.  It is a hard time for many including the Post.  Even though we have been closed the electric bills, gas bills, insurance, Dish bills, etc., etc. continue to come.  We are still here but we definitely need to raise some money so we can have our reserve fund back.  If anyone can assist in this, please let us know.  As soon as we can open safely, we will be open.  Please support your Post and your Club.

   We continue with our food every day we can.  Bingo will not be back for awhile as that brings in too many people close together.  The big, or newer, bar will be open as we can social distance and have a safe environment for everyone.

   Comrades, we really need your help in membership this year. We have approximately 143 annual members.  We already have 8 new members, but we need our annual members to renew.  If anyone is having a financial hardship let us know and we will take care of it.  If you are able please pay your dues.

   We are offering a special on Life Memberships.  We will pay the first $50.00 for anyone becoming a Life Member so please consider becoming a Lifer and never having to pay dues again. It is a great deal for you and really helps the Post.

  Thank you for making VFW Post 2144 the great Post it is today.

Vern Blauwkamp

House Committee Chairman





Officers and Contact Info

Post: (616)392-2144

Commander:   Mike Martin (616)594-9151

Senior Vice:   Jenna Schaub (231)649-1745

Junior Vice:   Adam Cameron (309)212-1148

Quartermaster:  Garrett Dickey (937)570-8254

Chaplain:   Robin Bailey (616)994-2239

Auxiliary President:  Lisa Blauwkamp (269)206-1810

Auxiliary Treasurer:  Nancy Vredeveld (616)422-1403

Honor Guard:  Harold Kuipers (616)886-0462

January 2021








Watch Facebook and Flyers for Details

Prices Subject to Change




1—Happy New Year








8—Fish or Goulash Dinner










14— Post & Auxiliary Meeting 7pm

15—Fish or Smothered Pork

Chop Dinner




18— Euchre 1230



19—Soup Night

20-- 75¢ Wings

21—Burger Night

22—Fish or Tetrazzini Turkey Dinner






25— Euchre 1230



26—Soup Night

27—75¢ Wings

28—Burger Night

29—Fish or Steak Dinner







Or Current Resident


February 2021










2—Soup Night

3—75¢ Wings

4—Burger Night

5—Fish Dinner or Wet Burrito

6—District 8 Meeting 11am lLunch/Meeting 1230pm


8— Euchre 1230

9—Soup Night

10—75¢ Wings

11— Burger Night

Post & Auxiliary Meeting 7pm

12—Fish or Grilled Pork Steak

13—Prime Rib Dinner 5-7pm


15— Euchre 1230


16—Soup Night

17--75¢ Wings

18— Burger Night

19—Fish or Mexican Combo Plate



22— Euchre 1230


23—Soup Night

24--75¢ Wings

25-- Burger Night


26—Fish or Swiss Steak Dinner



Watch Facebook and Flyers for Dinner Details

Prices Subject to Change