January - February 2020 Newsletter

- 12/30/2019

From the Post Commander

  Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.  2019 was great but now we start to make 2020 even better.  I know we can do it!

   I want to thank everyone who was involved with the Kid’s Christmas Party.  I had several people tell me it was the best one ever.  Every child received 2 very nice presents, enjoyed a magic show, and had some good food.  Special thanks goes out to Santa Claus (Lawrence Diamond) and Mrs. Claus (Nora Oosterhouse), the Marine Corps League for supplying the gifts, and to Maria Cantu for coordinating everything and for selling the candy bags that provided the money for the food, etc.

    If your membership expires between now and the end of June, I encourage you to renew your membership now so we can achieve our 3rd year of 100% membership.  It will not change your expiration date.   For example, if your expiration date is May 31, 2020 and you pay your dues in January, your new expiration date will be May 31, 2021.

   Let’s keep up the great work!  I am extremely proud to be your Commander and will continue to work hard for you. When I go to the Department Conferences, they know who Post 2144 is and theyrespect and admire us for our achievements. I know we will continue to be one of the best Posts (in my opinion THE BEST POST) in Michigan.

Mike Martin

Post Commander


From the Auxiliary President

   Hello Auxiliary Brothers and Sisters!  Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year.  Happy 85thAnniversary!  Post 2144 Auxiliary was instituted on December 15th, 1934. We will be having a celebration dinner on January 17th, 2020.  Auxiliary members get half off their dinner.  Check the calendar for time, price and menu.

   Thank you to everyone who paid their dues.  We have 326 members and would like to see more of you at our meetings.  We need to do more for Veterans and their families, but we need more members to step up and volunteer.

   I’m thinking about having an Easter egg hunt for the kids this year.  If you’re interested come to our next meeting and give us your ideas and suggestions.  Also, come on down for Burger Nights and Friday night dinners and support our Post. Our meetings are the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7pm.

  If you’re interested in helping with Bingo on Monday and Wednesday from 6-9 give us a call. Help us do more for our Veterans and their families in 2020!

Elisa Blauwkamp


Veterans and Family Support

   Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to Bruce Anspaugh and family whose father passed away. Also, to Mickie Grotenhuis whose mother passed.  Please keep these families in your thoughts and prayers, as well as our troops in harm’s way.


   Let’s welcome our newest members with a smile and happy to see your face. Remember, membership is the blood of our organization so get those dues in.  Thank you and Happy Holidays to all!

Ellen Robinson

Veterans and Family Support/Membership


Dad’s Post 132

   Next Dad’s meeting is January 11th, the second Saturday, at 10am.  We need a good turnout.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!


   Sent Thinking of You cards to Bob Fiekema and Don Tell.  Bob passed away on October 19th.  I performed the Chaplain’s part at his funeral October 24th at Rest Lawn Gardens.  Danny Gilley passed away October 29th.  I gave his wife Renee a Bible.  Anthony Speet passed away and I gave his family a Bible on October 13th.  Sent Preston Bradley a sympathy card when he lost a loved one.  Raymond Vander Meulen passed away on November 15th. There was no service.

Hondo Robinson

Chaplain/Dad’s President

Meeting Reminders

   Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 73 meets the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7pm.  All Vietnam Veterans are welcome.

   Vet to Vet support group meets every Wednesday from 630 to 730pm.  Veterans of every era are welcome to attend.


Club Manager

Greetings Comrades;

   Wow!  Another fantastic year has come to an end.  The Club and Post are doing great!  We will have another record year in sales.  We will come very close to matching our sales of the previous year. Thank you to everyone who patronizes your Post.  Food sales are over 30% of our sales now.   On Thursdays, Marie comes in and plays patriotic songs and even a few hymns on the piano.  We have diversified to have something for just about everyone at sometime during the week.  Come on in for a great priced meal and support your Post.

   The bathrooms are now complete.  Come in and check out how we are updating your Post.  Next is the foyer and hopefully that will be updated and painted very soon.  It has been mentioned that we do some updating in the kitchen.  A new paint job, redoing the counter tops, repairing some doors, etc. Please contribute to our Building Fund so we can get started soon.  It is exciting to be involved in such a vibrant Post that is moving into the future.  We have done so much but still have a way to go.  I believe a new LED sign out front is very important for people to see that we are moving into the future and to be able to advertise more. Also, for what it costs to wax the floors twice a year, in 2 ½ years we could pay to have the new fancy paint put down and have a lifetime warranty.  A great investment!

   We would appreciate more members volunteering to do Friday night meals.  You can prepare your favorite meal for 35 to 40 people and be an active part of your Post. 

   Thank you to EVERYONE who volunteers in and around our Post!! If I started naming them, I will forget someone.  Remember membership—please renew soon and invite a friend to join!  Let’s make it 3 years in a row for 100% membership!

Vern Blauwkamp


House Committee Chairman


Officers and Contact Info

Post: (616)392-2144

Commander:   Mike Martin (616)594-9151

Senior Vice:   Jenna Schaub (231)649-1745

Junior Vice:   Adam Cameron (309)212-1148

Quartermaster:  Garrett Dickey (937)570-8254

Chaplain:   Hondo Robinson (616)644-3300

Auxiliary President:  Lisa Blauwkamp (269)206-1810

Auxiliary Treasurer:  Nancy Vredeveld (616)422-1403

Honor Guard:  Harold Kuipers (616)886-0462

January 2020











1—New Year’s Brunch 12 Noon

2—Burger Night

3—Baked Chicken Dinner $8/ Johnny Van

4—Comedy Night

5—Open at Noon

NFL Football


6— Euchre 1230

Aux Bingo 6-9


7—Soup $2 Bowl

8--50¢ Wings

Aux Bingo 6-9

9--Burger Night Post & Auxiliary Meeting 7pm


10—Perch Dinner

Johnny Van


12—Open at Noon

NFL Football


13— Euchre 1230

Aux Bingo 6-9


14—Soup $2 Bowl

15--50¢ Wings

Aux Bingo 6-9

16— Burger Night

17—Swiss Steak Dinner $7/ Johnny Van


19—Open at Noon

NFL Football


20— Euchre 1230

Aux Bingo 6-9


21—Soup $2 Bowl


22--50¢ Wings

Aux Bingo 6-9

23—Burger Night

24—To Be Announced

25—Post Beach Party

26—Open at Noon

NFL Football


27— Euchre 1230

Aux Bingo 6-9


28—Soup $2 Bowl

29—50¢ Wings

Aux Bingo 6-9

30—Burger Night

31—French Dip w fries $10/Johnny Van



 February 2020














1—Comedy Night



2—Super Bowl Party/Watch for details

3— Euchre 1230

Aux Bingo 6-9

4—Soup $2 Bowl

5--50¢ Wings

Aux Bingo 6-9

6— Burger Night

7—Salisbury Steak $8/Johnny Van

8— Random Play 8-12pm


10— Euchre 1230

Aux Bingo 6-9

11—Soup $2 Bowl

12--50¢ Wings

Aux Bingo 6-9

13— Burger Night

Post and Auxiliary Meeting 7pm


14—Prime Rib Dinner $12 advance-$14 door/

Johnny Van

15—Valentines Party w/Karizma Band and Prime Rib Dinner


17— Euchre 1230

Aux Bingo 6-9


18—Soup $2 Bowl

19—50¢ Wings

Aux Bingo 6-9

20-- Burger Night


21—Wet Burrito $9/Johnny Van

22—M6 West Blues Band


24-- Euchre 1230

Aux Bingo 6-9


25—Soup $2 Bowl

26--50¢ Wings

Aux Bingo 6-9

27—Burger Night

28—To Be Announced