November-December 2019 Newsletter

- 10/29/2019

From the Post Commander

  It seems amazing that the holiday season is just about on us.  It’s cooling off, we’re digging out jackets and I just ordered my holiday fruitcake!  I know that all of you are making preparations for the cold weather and the holiday.

   Our Veterans Day Ribeye Steak Fry is November 9th this year and it will also feature the Marine Corps Birthday Cake Cutting Ceremony, which is one of my favorites, of course.  Our special guest will be Department Chaplain Jennifer Smith, former Army Chaplain. Tickets are available at the bar so get yours soon.

  We need to be moving forward more on our membership.  I’ve said it before—you probably all know a Veteran who qualifies for membership.  Just imagine what would happen if every member was to sign up a new member.  On that note, December 14th we will have a Membership and Benefits table at the Holland Civic Center for the huge craft show.  We hope to meet some new members that day.

   The building project is in full swing.  It looks like it is going to turn out great.  When it is finished, we will step back and admire it then decide what do we do next. All ideas are welcome and will be considered so make sure you come to a meeting and bring them up.

   Be sure to sign up your favorite child under 12 years of age for our Annual Kid’s Christmas Party.  It will be at 12 Noon on December 21stwhile our Ugly Sweater party will be that evening at 7pm.  Then on December 31st we will have our New Year’s Eve party.  More information and tickets will be available soon.

   At Thanksgiving and Christmas, it is important that we remember those who are less fortunate.  If you know of a family that would benefit from a Thanksgiving or Christmas basket, please let me know so we can make plans to help.

  It’s been a great year, but we still have much to do.  Membership, building improvements, community service, these things and more are what makes us one of the best VFW Posts in Michigan and we must continue to improve on these things constantly.  Come to the meetings, volunteer to help wherever you can, reach out to members who you know need help, and come in and enjoy YOUR Post.  Thanks to all the volunteers who make us who we are every day!

Mike Martin

Post Commander


From the Auxiliary President

   Hello Auxiliary Brothers and Sisters!  Hope everyone had a great summer!  Welcome to all our new and transfer members.  Hope to see you at our next meeting.  Our meetings are the second Thursday of each month at 7pm.  I know everyone has a busy schedule but please try to attend the meetings.  We would like to hear from you.

   Thank you to Maria and Timmie Cantu for your help with the National President’s Luncheon.

   We need help with Bingo night.  Monday and Wednesday 6-9pm.  If you want to help give us a call or stop by.

   Don’t forget to pay your dues if you haven’t already.

Elisa Blauwkamp


Veterans and Family Support

   Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to the friends and family of Glenna Fogg who passed away July 29th.

   Get well wishes to Sylvia Tanis who had surgery mid-October.  The best to her and a special prayer for our military personnel who are in harms way.  Keep them in your prayers.


   Let’s welcome our newest members:  Tara Kudsin, Timotea Cantu, Russ Hopkins, Vicky Trumble, Beverly Hollis, Connie Hulst and Tonya Dietz.

Ellen Robinson

Veterans and Family Support/Membership


Dad’s Post 132

   Our next Post meeting is Saturday November 2ndat 10am at the VFW Post.   We’ll get information from the Dad’s National Meeting in Ohio.  Hope to have a good turnout.


   Sent sympathy cards to Thomas Fierro—his wife passed away.  Also, to Carlos Fierro—his mother passed away.  Russ Hambley passed, and I gave his wife and family a Bible at their church. 

  Called Al Vande Vusse—still in pain, please keep him in your prayers.

   Sent Speedy Recovery cards to George Santigo (knee replacement).  Also, to Bob Elliott, Larry Lee and Dave Kiebel.

   Sent thinking of you cards to Artie Orozco and All Vande Vusse.

   Sent a birthday card to Tony Speed on his 100th Birthday.

Hondo Robinson

Chaplain/Dad’s President

Meeting Reminders

   Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 73 meets the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7pm.  All Vietnam Veterans are welcome.

   Vet to Vet support group meets every Wednesday from 630 to 730pm.  Veterans of every era are welcome to attend.


Club Manager

   First, we would like to thank Jim Wilson for serving as our Club Manager for the last 8 months.  Thank you for your organizational skills and new ideas to our Post.  And thank you to Maria and Timmie Cantu for stepping up in the club and kitchen.  They have been doing a great job.

   We have been busy!  The 2 bathrooms in the big bar have been stripped out and by the time you get this the Men’s restroom will be tiled and the we will finish the Lady’s in another week or so.  908 square feet of tile is a lot of tiles!  A huge thank you to Habitat for Humanity for stripping the 2 rooms of all tiles.  Also, to Richard Meckley, Denny Brown, and Mark Weatherwax for putting the new tiles up. They are going to look fantastic.

   The Canteen and Kitchen are doing great.  October will be our best month of the year after Tulip Time. Food sales continue to grow and now make up about 40% or our sales.  Timmie, Lisa, Maria, Jerry, Lupe, Vicky, Francisco, Marine Corps League, Lawrence, Veronica and Kathy C have all been creating lots of great food.  We can always use some more volunteers to help in the kitchen.

  We have approximately 345 Post members and 326 Auxiliary members. It would be so great to see more of you come in and enjoy your Post.  We are working hard to make your Post a great place to relax and enjoy and inexpensive meal.

Vern Blauwkamp




Officers and Contact Info

Post: (616)392-2144

Commander:   Mike Martin (616)594-9151

Senior Vice:   Jenna Schaub (231)649-1745

Junior Vice:   Adam Cameron (309)212-1148

Quartermaster:  Garrett Dickey (937)570-8254

Chaplain:   Hondo Robinson (616)644-3300

Auxiliary President:  Lisa Blauwkamp (269)206-1810

Auxiliary Treasurer:  Nancy Vredeveld (616)422-1403

Honor Guard:  Harold Kuipers (616)886-0462


November 2019













1—Perch & Walleye$10/ Johnny Van


3—Open at Noon

NFL Football


4— Euchre 1230

Aux Bingo 6-9


5—Soup $2 Bowl

6--50¢ Wings

Aux Bingo 6-9

7-- Burger Night


8—Stuffed Chicken Breast Jerry Gorski Fundraiser $10

Johnny Van

9—Veterans Day Ribeye Steak Fry $12 advance/$15 at the door

10—Open at Noon

NFL Football


11— Euchre 1230

Aux Bingo 6-9


12—Soup $2 Bowl

13--50¢ Wings

Aux Bingo 6-9

14— Burger Night Post & Auxiliary Meeting 7pm

15—Tamale Dinner $8/ Johnny Van

16—DJ Chris Geerlings 70’/80’s Party

17—Open at Noon

NFL Football

18— Euchre 1230

Aux Bingo 6-9


19—Soup $2 Bowl


20--50¢ Wings

Aux Bingo 6-9

21—Burger Night

22—Goulash, Salad Garlic Toast $8/Johnny Van

23—Benefit Dinner 5-8/EZ River Band 8-12

24—Open at Noon

NFL Football


25— Euchre 1230

Aux Bingo 6-9


26—Soup $2 Bowl

27—50¢ Wings

Aux Bingo 6-9

28—Happy Thanksgiving!  Closed

29—BBQ Sandwich

$8/Johnny Van




December 2019








1-- Open at Noon

NFL Football

2-- Euchre 1230

Aux Bingo 6-9

3—Super Soup Day $2 Bowl

4--50¢ Wings

Aux Bingo 6-9

5— Burger Night


6—Baked Chicken Dinner $8/Johnny Van

7—Walking Bar Crawl 12—7/Tejano Sound Band 8-12

8—Open at Noon

NFL Football

9— Euchre 1230

Aux Bingo 6-9

10—Soup $2 Bowl

11--50¢ Wings

Aux Bingo 6-9

12— Burger Night

Post and Auxiliary Meeting 7pm

13—Perch & Walleye Dinner $10/Johnny Van

14— Pure Pro Wrestling 7--12

15-- Open at Noon

NFL Football

16— Euchre 1230

Aux Bingo 6-9

17—Soup $2 Bowl

18--50¢ Wings

Aux Bingo 6-9

19— Burger Night


20—Brisket Sandwich $10/

Johnny Van

21—Kid’s Christmas Party 12-3/Ugly SweaterP arty 7pm

22—Open at Noon

NFL Football

23— Euchre 1230

Aux Bingo 6-9


24—Soup $2 Bowl

25—Merry Christmas! Closed

26-- Burger Night


27—Wet Burrito $9/Johnny Van


29-- Open at Noon

NFL Football

30-- Euchre 1230

Aux Bingo 6-9


31—New Year’s s Eve Taco Bar/EZ River Band/$15 Single/$25 Couple in Advance