September 5, 2019 Newsletter

- 8/27/2019

From the Post Commander

   Great things continue to happen in our Post, but they will only continue with your support and your patronage of your Club.

   We are offering our members a 2 for 1 membership renewal special.  If you renew for 2 years before December 15, 2019 the cost will be $65.00, a savings of $5.00!  You will not only be saving some money, but you will be helping your Post maintain its membership growth.  Paying early will not affect your expiration date.

   Don’t forget our Post Picnic on September 14thfrom 2 to 6pm.  Grilled half chicken dinner, silent auction, games and hey, you can even throw a pie in a Post Officer’s face—for a good cause of course.

  Beginning in September, we will give a ticket to every Post member attending a Post event such as a meeting, dinner or any other event sponsored by the Post.  These tickets will be put into a container and at the June meeting one ticket will be drawn.  If the winning member is an Annual member, we will upgrade them to a Life Membership.  If the winning member is already a Life Member, we will upgrade them to a Bronze Legacy member.

   Our website will be live soon thanks to the expertise of Laura Kinne, our Social Media Coordinator.  More to come on that very soon!  Thank you to everyone who makes this Post great!

Mike Martin

Post Commander


From the Auxiliary President

   Oh, how time flies, can’t believe our summer is about gone.  I would like to make a correction.  My Conductress is Linda Reyes.  I went to the National Convention in Orlando, Florida where one of our Auxiliary members, Sylvia Tanis, was an "Honored Guest” as "Rosie the Riveter”. She was loved by all.

   Michigan Day at the VFW National Home for Children was August 4th.  Ohio beat Michigan by $10,000 this year but in all over $90,000 was raised in 2 days, all for a good cause.  If you haven’t visited the National Home you should in the near future.  It is an awesome organization!

   Our Post and Auxiliary are getting noticed State and Nationwide.  Our Auxiliary is growing.  We have been 100% the past few years.  Let’s continue to make it happen again and again.  Don’t forget to pay your dues if you haven’t done so already.  Paying early does not change your expiration month.

   Our National President will be visiting our Post on October 8 for a luncheon.  More info will be posted on our FB page.  Thank you all! Let’s get involved in our success!

Lisa Blauwkamp


Veterans and Family Support

   Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to the friends and family of Nina Fierro who went to her heavenly home May 22, 2019.  Keep the family in your prayers as well as our troops in harm’s way.


   Dues are coming in—keep them coming!  Our goal is to be 100% by Mid-December.  With all your help we can do it.  Another reason to join the auxiliary is to participate in programs that bring family and community members together for worthwhile projects.  Let’s also give a warm welcome to our newest member Timotea Cantu.

Ellen Robinson

Veterans and Family Support/Membership


Dad’s Post 132

   Post Meeting Saturday November 2, 2019 at 10am.  We had a good Dad’s State Convention.  Dads National is raising per capita dues so our Post is raising Post dues $5.00 to $20.00.


   Sent Speedy Recovery cards to Al Vande Vusse, Artie Orozco, and Danny Gilley.

   Sent Sympathy cards to Jeffrey Waybright as his Dad James Waybright passed away. Also sent him a Bible on 07.24.19. Gave Bible to Vickie Trumble as her husband Van passed away 07.04.19

   Sent Thinking of You cards to Anthony Speet, Jim Holley, Mike Van Dyke, Lee R. Ras and Terry Mulder.  

Hondo Robinson

Chaplain/Dad’s President

Meeting Reminders

   Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 73 meets the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7pm.  All Vietnam Veterans are welcome.

   Vet to Vet support group meets every Wednesday from 630 to 730pm.  Veterans of every era are welcome to attend.


Club Manager

   I personally want to thank everyone for a stellar summer here at the Club.  While the Post membership is growing, the key to maintaining this growth is providing an atmosphere to keep that membership, as well as attract new members. How do WE do this?  That’s the easy part, it’s YOU!  The support of our membership is our success!

   I continue to receive compliments on how friendly our members are to new visitors, how wonderful our Bar Staff are, and especially how our Kitchen Staff continues to tantalize our taste buds.  It’s all teamwork.  It’s our volunteers, an atmosphere where suggestions and ideas are encouraged, to the member who drops in and is reminded of what they are missing.  It’s an energy that permeates the Club when you walk in the door.

    We are going to try something new with our Friday Night Dinners. We’re going to leave a couple open for "Suggestions”.  Tell us what you would like to see on the menu, and we might surprise you!

Jim Wilson

Club Manager


House Committee

   How awesome that our Post is alive and growing!  If you haven’t been in in a while come and see everything that has been changed and all the improvements.  We are currently working on one huge project and one big project.  We are fundraising so that we can make at least one restroom handicap accessible. Also, we are wanting to purchase an LED sign to go where the current marquee sign is located.  Both are essential to our continued growth and long-term existence.  We were able to purchase a large freezer thanks to an Auxiliary members generosity. Please help us in our fundraising endeavors if you are able.  Our Post, Auxiliary and Honor Guard do a lot for our Veterans and families!

Vern Blauwkamp




Officers and Contact Info

Post: (616)392-2144

Commander:   Mike Martin (616)594-9151

Senior Vice:   Jenna Schaub (231)649-1745

Junior Vice:   Adam Cameron (309)212-1148

Quartermaster:  Garrett Dickey (937)570-8254

Chaplain:   Hondo Robinson (616)644-3300

Auxiliary President:  Lisa Blauwkamp (269)206-1810

Auxiliary Treasurer:  Nancy Vredeveld (616)422-1403

Honor Guard:  Harold Kuipers (616)886-0462


September 2019









2-- Euchre 1230

Aux Bingo 6-9


3— Taco Tuesday

$1.00 each

4--50¢ Wings

Aux Bingo 6-9

5--Burger Night

6—Teriyaki Chicken $10/ Johnny Van

7—Johnny Vasquez, Tejano Band 8--12

8—Open at Noon

NFL Football


9— Euchre 1230

Aux Bingo 6-9


10—Fajitas $2

11--50¢ Wings

Aux Bingo 6-9

12-- Burger Night

Post & Auxiliary Meeting 7pm

13—Perch Dinner $10/Johnny Van


14—Post Picnic 2-6/Easy River Band 8-12

15—Open at Noon

NFL Football


16— Euchre 1230

Aux Bingo 6-9


17— Taco Tuesday

$1.00 each

18--50¢ Wings

Aux Bingo 6-9

19— Burger Night

20—Tamale Dinner $8/ Johnny Van

21—50’s & 60’s Sock Hop w Johnny Van DJ

22—Open at Noon

NFL Football

23— Euchre 1230

Aux Bingo 6-9


24—Fajitas $2


25--50¢ Wings

Aux Bingo 6-9

26—Burger Night

27—Members Choice Dinner

Johnny Van


29—Open at Noon

NFL Football


30— Euchre 1230

Aux Bingo 6-9

Dickey Dogs











Or Current Resident





October 2019










1—Super Soup Day $2 Bowl

2--50¢ Wings

Aux Bingo 6-9

3— Burger Night


4—Baked Chicken Dinner $8/Johnny Van


6—Open at Noon

NFL Football

7— Euchre 1230

Aux Bingo 6-9

8— National Aux Luncheon/Soup $2 Bowl

9--50¢ Wings

Aux Bingo 6-9

10— Burger Night

Post and Auxiliary Meeting 7pm

11—Perch & Walleye Dinner $10/Johnny Van

12—Yvonne Fuego Band 8-12

13-- Open at Noon

NFL Football

14— Euchre 1230

Aux Bingo 6-9

15— Red Cross Blood Drive 9-3/Soup $2 Bowl

16--50¢ Wings

Aux Bingo 6-9

17— Burger Night


18—Club Choice Dinner/Johnny Van

19—Pure Pro Wrestling 7--12

20—Open at Noon

NFL Football

21— Euchre 1230

Aux Bingo 6-9


22— Super Soup Day $2 Bowl

23--50¢ Wings

Aux Bingo 6-9

24-- Burger Night


25—Grilled Fajita Dinner $9/Johnny Van

26— Trunk or Treat 12-2/Halloween Party 7-12

27-- Open at Noon

NFL Football

28-- Euchre 1230

Aux Bingo 6-9


29— Super Soup Day $2 Bowl

30--50¢ Wings

Aux Bingo 6-9

31—Burger Night